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Update on the first day of the project, it was a nerve-wrecking, long but great day. We were introduced to the team and got to see the site for the first time.Also, all the relevant names and parties with supplementing information can be found here, for future reference!



On Monday, 7th of November, the kick-off of the pilot took place in Elcita's office, where we were welcomed by the CEO, Ms.Rama, and the local team, who have given us the opportunity to execute the pilot at one of their facilities. Elcita is the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority who run and organise Electronic City, a technological hub in the South Western area of Bangalore, just outside the city. Elcita owns a sorting centre in the technological hub, which is run by a company, Waste Wise Management and Consultancy Services (WWMNCS), who focus on utilising waste. In addition to the above parties, the head of operations of the application and company IGotGarbage, a Mindtree initiative, will also be joining us for the pilot, as we wish to implement their application to reach our goals. As we will be working with these partners for the coming three months, it is only appropriate to shortly introduce the involved personas.



Ms. Rama
The CEO of Elcita, who has given us her support by making their sorting centre available to us to test the pilot and provides relevant resources to make the pilot a success. 

Subha Nirangan
She works for Elcita as the head of sustainability, with a focus on waste and water and will be our main contact point with Elcita throughout the project.

Raghavendra Murthy
The sustainability executive of Elcita who works closely with Subha, and will also be closely involved in the project.

Waste Wise Management & Consulting Services

Anslem Rosario
The managing director of WWMNCS, who runs  the different branches of the company, the two waste treatment facilities and business programs for stakeholders.

He is the site manager of the site on which we will execute the pilot and is responsible for the organisation of employees and documentation.

As the business development manager, he will work with us to improve the site's business position and customer relations.

Suresh lives on the site where the pilot will be executed and oversees the employees and their progress in work load, as well as noting hours and measurements. 

I Got Garbage

Srikrishna Balachandran
The head of operations of I Got Garbage, which is an application that allows users to notify waste collectors when their waste is ready for collection. The app will be further developed to be implemented by the existing and potential new customers of WWMNCS.

On this day, an introductory speech was held by Ms. Rama, to introduce the collaboration, its importance to the local partners and point out Elcita's goals and wishes. This was followed by a presentation by Niels to clarify SweepSmart!'s goals and wishes from the other parties. Succeeding the speeches we departed to the site for the first time, with several team members, to be introduced to the on-site employees. There another presentation was held, this time by Anslem, to introduce us to WWMNCS and explained his personal experience and involvement in the project. Silvia then followed with a similar presentation to introduce the new people to the project. Lastly, elaborate introductory rounds were held to initiate conversation and a relationship between the new team. After all the formal introductions were made, we returned to the Elcita offices, where we had lunch with our new co-workers and then proceeded to develop a plan for upcoming days.

Prior to the first day, each one of us was still unsure to expect and some a bit nervous, but at the end of the first day we all left with assurance, clarity and a positive outlook of the pilot. Having met the partners and seen the actual site gave us a much more concrete idea of what to expect. The local partners were all really friendly, and though some people were more shy, some spoke English less clearly, it was a great experience integrating with people from different levels, from the CEO of Elcita to the individual waste pickers and collectors (called loaders here). 

The second and third day were planned such that the SweepSmart! team would conduct a "dilo", a day in the life of the employees. This would give us an in depth understanding of the separate functions of the employees and the smaller processes involved in a successful working day. At the end of the dilo the aim is to hold a "shop-floor meeting", where the on-site team is free to express their problems, concerns and potential solutions to the SweepSmart! team. On Thursday, Elcita and WWMNCS would describe what they see as key challenges and we would present the observations and analyses we have made. By the end of the day, we hope to have held a successful workshop, where the problems and potential solutions are discussed to the extent that concrete goals and KPI's are set to be reached by executing the newly written improvement plan. 

The first day, was a long one, having gotten up at 7 to make it to the site at around 9:30, as we needed to hustle through the Indian traffic, and returning home at 5. During dinner we further discussed the plans for the dilo and afterwards we proceeded to head to bed early to be nice and fit for the upcoming dilo's, which were sure to be long days. Luckily we could all rest well having had a good day and having made progress as the project became more real, instead of something we have discussed and theorised for several weeks.