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Week 3 - ELCITA

Our third week (already!) at Waste Wise was one with a very big breakthrough. You can read all about it in this update.

Bins @ Siemens

Interviews Customer companies

As you can read in the introduction to ELCITA/Waste Wise, this site gets its waste primarily from companies in the Electronic City. In order to live up to their motto ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ it is important to reduce the Reject Waste (waste that is not valuable enough to sort). When waste is not properly sorted at the source valuable materials often get contaminated; making them rejects. That is why Enid and Silvia went to investigate the segregation policy at some of Waste Wise’s most important customers: HP and Siemens.


Siemens might be a world-famous company, but in Electronic City they only have one location which is not one of the biggest. They have been working for quite a long time with Waste Wise; and from the interview conducted by SweepSmart with the property manager it came forward that they are very content with Waste Wise’s good and reliable service! When asking about their segregation policy it appeared that they use a bin for this.

Bins @ Siemens

After the interview, Enid and Silvia were invited for a very extensive breakfast in their canteen. Here they also got to inspect the specific separation bin: which was not used properly! It seems that there are some opportunities here in carrying out the segregation policy.


With six different locations in Electronic City, HP is one of the bigger companies present. The property manager told Enid and Silvia that they conduct a centralized segregation policy.

Seperate Bins HP

They separate their waste in to three streams: paper, plastic and general waste. This is of little value to Waste Wise; since they handle three different streams; dry waste, wet waste and reject waste. In the latter categories dry waste consists of plastic, paper and other high valuable (literally dry) waste, meaning that the separation at HP in paper and plastic is not very effective. Wet Waste is alike the Dutch well-known ‘gft’ waste; organic waste that can be composted. Here lies an opportunity to educate the customer in a better way.

Implementation I Got Garbage application

This week great progression was made in implementing the I Got Garbage application. With this application we want to centralize the management in the facility. As you can read in our Weekly Update 1, at the ELCITA DILO’s we found out that not all waste is weighed properly at the customer; making it hard to bill properly. Mindtree’s I Got Garbage strives to simplify this part of the facility management by providing an easy access data entering system. With the Collection Application you will be able to scan a QR-code (present at the gate from a customer), which loads all necessary data on to your screen. When the waste is collected and weighed, the values can be entered and will be automatically added in the application, thus taking less time and making it all easier! Past week the QR-codes were delivered by I Got Garbage. 

Girish QR Codes

Girish went with the first collection team early in the morning to paste the stickers at the gates of the customers! 

Conveyor belt

On top of all this, the week ended with great news: the sketches for the conveyor belt are approved by Ms. Rama! Niels and Silvia presented the findings on Saturday. This means that the conveyor belt will be ordered upcoming week.