Water design in UK: Cities of the future?

Water sensitive design essentially a design approach integrated by the UK to achieve higher harmony between water, the environment, and society alike. This newest integration can possibly be seen as dare I say, the design of our future cities!

Many of our cities and towns have shifted to boundaries around rivers or coastlines, and make water extremely integral to its appeal and even design. Water sensitive design has been created for water management to integrate the water cycle with the remaining environment. Bringing all factors of a typical water cycle together such as rainfall, waste water, supply, and demand, the quality of life can be greatly enhanced. This can eve be applied to lessen floods, water shortages, and other risks associated with poor water management. This initiative has been pushed greatly in the UK, and could quite prove to be a pavement for other countries to follow. Quite possibly, this could change the outlook we have on the appeal, quality and even structure of the very cities we live in. Of course, by the time it will be fully integrated, our future generations will reap great benefits.

Water urban design.jpg
This could prove to be vital, as society can hopefully see water as more than just a nuisance, and can be truly integrated to accommodate our everyday life (though greatly enhanced) and the rest of the environment. can it be accommodated effectively to where it doesn't become the hassle many have labeled it?


A major integration that has been flooding social media, Facebook and Twitter alike, is the implementation of permeable surfaces instead of the usual cement pavements. At first glance, it seems like  a beautiful design that just looks really cool. But many fail to realize it makes perfect sense in its actual function; allowing water to pass through to allow for sustainable drainage systems to ease pressure off the sewerage. This could mean the end of floodings as we know it, and having less problems with sewerage will truly make a lot of people happy!

Water design 2.jpg


 Furthermore, instead of letting water run down the sink and wasted away, the water could instead be directed to feed our plants and flush our toilets. Water sensitive design can truly impact water reserves and provide efficiency to towns we have never witnessed before. I can truly foresee this implementations being the design of our future cities. With the new age of technology and an initiative for constant improvements in efficiency and wastage, water sensitive design in the UK can hopefully be pushed on to neighboring European countries; and eventually worldwide. Being from Texas, US; I had witnessed first hand the impact poor water management can have on sewerage. A major sewerage problem in our neighborhood of roughly hundreds of inhabitants caused major turmoil in the vicinity. Many had to stay up late while the workers carried on their business, and led to very poor filtration and running of water in our sinks and showers. Of course, this was a few years back, and seeing how water sensitive design could have prevented a host of problems truly amazes me. 

Innovation is only reaching its peak, and water sensitive design encompasses the notion of constant improvement and efficiency. I can certainly see it being implemented in the Netherlands, as the constant rain can be turned to a storage and provide solutions for problems experienced not only in the largest states of the US, but worldwide. All that rain water can be utilized instead of letting it run off, and knowing the Dutch, they will act on it positively to enhance the country's already strong position on environmental sustainability.