TAHMO Weather Station

RI 2016: Section 6.1.

Let us hit the ground running by considering a frugal innovation already being pursued for implementation. Weather monitoring has many advantages, in the short-term and local scale, and in the long-term and global scale. However, the traditional technologies are still quite expensive and require special expertise to maintain.

So let’s learn in the following lecture how frugal innovation allows for weather monitoring stations to be deployed across sub-Saharan Africa. In this case, both technical mechanisms and service processes are dealt with in novel ways to allow for successful deployment.




During the past 2 years, the TAHMO community has grown rapidly. The enthusiasm and energy that the TAHMO initiative generates is truly amazing and very encouraging. You can read all about this in the article by  N. van de Giesen, R. Hut and J. Selker, 2014 titled 'The Trans-African Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO)', (WIREs Water 2014, 1:341–348. doi: 10.1002/wat2.1034) .
Please also check the TAHMO website: